Agenda (tentative)

8:45Opening remarksOrganizers
Session 1: Insect-machine hybrid systems
9:00Talk 1 (TBA)Invited talks
9:25Talk 2 (TBA)Invited talks
9:50Talk 2 (TBA)Invited talks
10:15 Flash talksContributed abstracts
10:30Poster session 1 & Coffee breakContributed abstracts
Session 2: Microrobots and bio-inspired swarm robots
11:20Talk 4 (TBA)Invited talks
11:45Talk 5 (TBA)Invited talks
12:10Talk 6 (TBA)Invited talks
12:35Lunch breakAll
Session 3: Biological and Biohybrid Actuators
13:30Talk 7 (TBA)Invited talks
13:55Talk 8 (TBA)Invited talks
14:20Talk 9 (TBA)Invited talks
14:45Flash talksContributed abstracts
15:00Poster session 2 & Coffee breakContributed abstracts
Session 4: Animal flight and bio-inspired aerial robots
15:40Talk 10 (TBA)Invited talks
16:05Talk 11 (TBA)Invited talks
16:30Talk 12 (TBA)Invited talks
16:55Flash talksContributed abstracts
17:10Panel DiscussionInvited speakers
17:40Closing remarksOrganizers